wedding venue checklist
wedding venue checklist

Wedding Venue Checklist – surviving your first venue visit

If you are currently searching for wedding venues, your first venue visit may be a bit daunting. Rocketing costs and an avalanche of information are piled on you like a Jenga tower, leaving you ready to mentally topple. But do not panic. Here is our Wedding Venue Checklist, guaranteed to ease your stresses. Less like a high-intensity game of Jenga, more like a toddlers 12-piece jigsaw puzzle. Easy

Step 1: Before the visit – Building the wedding venue checklist

Write a list of your requirements prior to the visit. We suggest answering the following questions?

Step 2: At the venue

Ask questions based on your requirements from the wedding venue checklist. Make sure your requirements are met. Check off the boxes as you go

Step 3: What is included in the cost?

Many venues create a package that provides all the necessary services you require. Other venues don’t provide a package but instead have “suggested suppliers” who provide catering etc. The venue may not allow you to use suppliers that are not on this list. Every venue differs in the way they charge you, so make sure you ask them how they work. Here are some key amenities that may or may not be included in the price:

  • Accommodation for the wedding night?

  • Catering?

  • Drinks?(What are the additional costs)

  • Sound system?

It’s also worth asking if they have any additional add-on costs. E.g. some venues may offer additional decoration or fancier chairs for a higher price.

Step 4: Key questions to ask

It’s hard to know what questions you should be asking on your first visit. Here are some of the most popular questions. Add these to your wedding venue checklist.

  • Do they have appropriate facilities for your entertainment arrangements?

  • Do they have suggested transport companies?

  • Do they have suggested suppliers?(This can make your planning easier as you have the comfort knowing that the venue and supplier have worked together in the past successfully)

  • What are their table options?

  • What do other couples do? This gives you an idea of the way your day could flow?

Above all else, try to avoid “wedding planning stress“. Creating a wedding venue checklist and use it as a template for all your wedding venue visits.

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