wedding vendors spreadsheet
wedding vendors spreadsheet

Wedding Vendors Spreadsheet

One of the most difficult aspects of managing your wedding planning is staying on top of the various conversations you have with vendors. Attempting to keep all of this information in your head is nearly impossible as you discuss style choices, wedding day arrangements, meetings, deposits, full payments, number of guests……the list goes on……and on. It’s quite possible that you have 20+ email threads going at any one time…..and it’s all vendors!!! That doesn’t count the various arrangements you need to make with your guests and wedding party. What you need is a central location to keep all the key vendor information you need. For that reason, we have built this spreadsheet which includes all the key information you need to keep a note of.

Once you have the information added for each vendor, pass this onto anybody in your wedding party who is responsible for meeting vendors on the day of the wedding or before. This gives them all the key information they need in case there are any problems.

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