wedding social media
wedding social media

3 ways to do Wedding Social Media ?

A trend in recent years has been the incorporation of social media into your wedding day. Here is our wedding social media guide, featuring 3 of the most popular ways to make it happen!

The Unique Hashtag

Platform – Instagram/Twitter

This is probably the most common way to do wedding social media. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Find a unique hashtag, that has never/rarely been used(check by searching the hashtag within Instagram/Twitter) e.g. #DanielAndRuth2017

  2. Next, let your guests know about the hashtag. The best way to do this is to include it on stationery found on the tables. This could be on menus, place cards or on individual business cards printed specifically for this purpose(You can get 100s of business cards for less than £10). Might also be a good idea to ask the MC or best man to mention it too.

  3. When guests take pictures at your wedding and tag it with your unique hashtag, they will all contribute to your hashtag feed. Guests can check the hashtag at any point. The day after your wedding, you can check it out yourself. It’s amazing to see your day from the perspective of all your guests.

The Story

Platform – Snapchat

For those of you not familiar with Snapchat, I won’t bore you with the details. In short, the “story” feature allows you to add images and videos to a “story” which can be viewed by any of your friends for a period of 24 hours. All images and videos play back-to-back, providing a single narrative of your day. I’m not suggesting you spend your day snapping. Instead, ask your bridesmaid/best man/photographer/videographer if they can take pictures/videos periodically throughout the day and add it to your “story”. This is a great way allow the people who can’t make it to your wedding to experience your day. Add the snaps to your “memories” in Snapchat so you don’t lose them and you can relive the day at any point.

The Taggable Picture

Platform – Facebook/Instagram

This one’s easy. Upload a picture from your wedding to Facebook/Instagram in the days following your wedding and ask your guests to tag it. This is a great way to get some final thoughts on the day and thank everybody for coming. Think outside the box with the image you use. It could be your table plan, a visual guest book, place cards or just the standard group photo. Be creative.

Most importantly of all. Don’t give it too much thought. Set it up and and forget it. You don’t want to miss your day because you were too focused on taking pictures etc. Live the day in the moment. Any pictures you get from your guests on social media are just a bonus.

Do you have any other ideas or tips on wedding social media? Let us know on Twitter


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