wedding planning spreadsheet
wedding planning spreadsheet

Wedding Planning Spreadsheet

Planning a wedding is guaranteed to stretch the length of your existing to-do list. Don’t underestimate this! Many people will try to keep all their to-do’s, costs and vendor information in their head(this is guaranteed to lead to massive wedding planning stress!). There are many tools out there which are designed to help you manage the planning process and most of them can be quite useful. In our eyes however, nothing beats a good old-fashioned spreadsheet. It’s completely customisable so it works around the way you work. Not the other way round. Download the spreadsheet to help get you started.

Download spreadsheet

Don’t be scared to move things around, delete columns, add columns, rename columns….whatever you want. Make it work for you. This is just a starting point. How you customise it is up to you.

Within the spreadsheet, there are several sheets for different aspects of your wedding planning. We have included 2 versions of the wedding guest list. You can use both or just 1 depending on the way you work. We suggest starting in Guest list 1 then copy/pasting over to Guest list 2 once you have refined your list.

Pro tip: save the spreadsheet in the cloud and share it with your fiance. That way, you have the spreadsheet with you wherever you go(venue visits etc, decor shopping) and you and your fiance can stay up to date when you are not together.

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