what is wedding insurance
what is wedding insurance

What is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is an area that many brides+grooms-to-be don’t consider. A lot of people aren’t even really sure they know what it is. If you’re one of those people, we’re about to sum it up real quick. In the next 2 minutes, you will know exactly what wedding insurance is, what it covers and whether it is something that you feel is worth investing in.

What it covers – Cancelling the wedding

Wedding insurance covers many aspects of the wedding. The most important thing it covers is the possibility of having to cancel the wedding due to uncontrollable circumstances. This would include injury to bride, groom or important member of the wedding party. Also normally included would be sudden closure of the venue that is out of your control.

In the circumstance that you had to cancel the wedding due to any of these circumstances, most insurers would pay the amount that you have spent on deposits in booking vendors and venues up to an agreed cap. Make sure to check the amount they cap at before taking out the policy.

Oh, and just to be clear….wedding insurance doesn’t cover cold feet.

What else it covers

Apart from having to cancel the wedding, there are other (smaller) things that could potentially go wrong on your wedding day that would be covered by wedding insurance. This would include:

  • Vendors cancelling at last minute. If any of your vendors cancel at the last minute and you need to rebook somebody else(potentially at a much higher price), your insurance will cover any additional costs incurred.
  • Transport company cancelling at last minute. Same as above.
  • Loss or damage to items(e.g. dress, cake, flowers etc). Cost of relevant items would be paid by the insurer.
  • If any gifts are lost or damaged, you will be paid the relevant value of the gift. If any gifts are stolen, the same applies but you will need to report this to the police in order to be eligible for any claim.

What it doesn’t cover

  • Cold feet
  • Cancellation for a minor reason
  • Cancellation due to pre-existing conditions
  • Cancellation due to financial difficulties

How much does it cost?

Wedding insurance starts at about £100 and can go up to around £500 depending on what you want covered. You can find out more about available wedding insurance policies here.

When should I take insurance out?

As soon as possible. The earlier the better as the cost doesn’t change based on when you arrange it.

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