Wedding Haircut

The wedding is approaching fast and  the tasks are piling up! It could be tempting to postpone your haircut to the last few days before the wedding to keep it looking as fresh as possible….but this is a mistake! Your hair takes time to settle into a new style, making a last minute haircut a bad choice. Most hairstylists would advise you to get your hair trimmed and coloured around 2 weeks before your wedding(tweet us if you disagree). Any earlier than this and your hair would have the opportunity to grow too much before the wedding, potentially ruining the style. Any later than 2 weeks before and your hair may not fully settle into the style. The other advantage to getting a trim 2 weeks before is that if the stylist makes any mistakes, you have time to try and rectify it.

Once your hair is trimmed, try experimenting with the style you plan to do on your wedding day to see how it looks. If you feel that something doesn’t look right, look for small changes you can make to improve it. You may want to go over this with your hairstylist.

Read more about working with your wedding hairstylist

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Image by Dylan M Howell


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