wedding day checklist
wedding day checklist

Wedding Day Checklist

With so much going on with your wedding planning, it can be hard to focus on some of the small tasks that make your wedding special. For that reason, we have built a wedding day checklist. This covers all the small tasks that are required in the week leading up to the wedding that have a direct impact on your wedding day. If you are looking for a more comprehensive checklist for the entire planning process, take a look at our wedding planning checklist.

Have you completed the following tasks?

  • Favours prepared
  • DIY decorations made
  • Printables printed
  • Signs printed and twined
  • Table decorations gathered and packed
  • Miscellaneous decorations packed
  • All attire collected and packed
  • Flowers for mothers of bride and groom collected
  • Arranged collection of cake
  • Confirmed all vendor arrival times
  • Wedding Party briefed

If you have completed the above tasks, you’re good to go. Remember to do your final wedding checks with your vendors too.

Read the full wedding planning checklist.

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