Wedding Costs Spreadsheet

Planning a wedding is an expensive business! With so many high-cost purchases to be made in a short space of time, it can quickly become difficult to track your spending and you may find your wedding costs spiralling out of control and bursting your budget limits.

To help you manage this, we have put together a “Costs” spreadsheet. This simple table allows you to quickly enter expenses as they come in and track spending as you pay deposits.

It gives you a quick breakdown of:

  • Total amount spent on wedding
  • Total amount paid so far
  • Total amount left to pay

It also breaks each of these down by category so you can track high-cost areas.

Feel free to edit columns and move things around to make this work for you. This spreadsheet is free to be shared with whoever you like.

For more advice, read our guide on making wedding payments

Download Costs Spreadsheet

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