Using Facebook Messenger to Plan Your Wedding

Facebook Wedding Planning

We are currently in the golden age of communication. We can communicate with anybody, anywhere, at any time, instantly, free of charge. To not make use of this technology is a missed opportunity. However, due to the tradition-steeped nature of weddings, it can be difficult to think outside the box and we often resort to relying fully on the archaic communication of formal stationery. Don’t get me wrong……the stationery is wonderful and it makes a lovely keepsake. However, it’s not exactly the most efficient method of communicating with your guests. There are many ways to communicate with your guests which are much more effective. We have already spoken about how to use an email list to plan your wedding. However, in this hack we are taking it one step further. Yes, you’ve already read the title of this hack so it’s no big surprise…’s Facebook Messenger! I know, it’s not exactly rocket science but hopefully this will get you thinking in the mass-communication mindset.

Similar to setting up an email list, you will need to create a “group”. I’m going to assume you are doing this on a smartphone rather than desktop(although both experiences should be fairly similar). Go to the “groups” tab, hit “new group”, give it a name and start adding your guests from your friends list(choose a name that makes it obvious it is the group for your wedding). Ideally, you will have your guest list in front of you to make sure you have added everyone. You may hit a few road blocks at this point. These could be:

A guest is not one of your friends on Facebook(e.g. your fiance’s friends)

If this is the case, you can add the guest as a friend then invite them or alternatively ask somebody else to invite them who already has them on their friends list.

A guest does not have a Facebook account

Take a note of these people as you will need to communicate with them through another method.

Once your group is built, you can use this for all manners of communication surrounding your wedding plans. Even if everybody in the group doesn’t see the messages posted to the group, it is likely that enough people will see them to allow them to be naturally shared. Here are some ideas of the types of messages you can post which can seriously aid your wedding planning.

  • To find out any dietary requirements
  • To find out how many children will be attending
  • To find out who requires transport and who will be driving
  • To find out who requires accommodation
  • To confirm any details or changes to arrangements

One of the biggest advantages of a Messenger group over an email list is that your guests can discuss things among themselves. E.g. arranging car shares, accommodation rentals etc.

On top of all these benefits, you will probably find that all the discussion around your wedding in the Messenger group just adds to the building excitement, for you and your guests.

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Image by Feather And North


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