wedding equipment list
wedding equipment list

Wedding Equipment List

So, you’ve hired all the big equipment you need. The only thing left to do is to arrange all the small things that add character to your day. Most of these items you will want to buy rather than rent as you can keep them as memories of your day. These are the items that are easy to forget but can make your day more special for a relatively small amount of organisation. Add these items to your “items to buy” spreadsheet.

On with the list.

  1. “Ceremony this way” signs
  2. Aisle decorations
  3. Ring bearer pillow or box
  4. “Pick a seat not a side” signs
  5. Guestbook
  6. Dinner seating plan and stand
  7. Table numbers
  8. Table number holders
  9. Place cards on tables
  10. Flower baskets
  11. Flowers for mother of bride and groom
  12. Sparklers
  13. Flip-flops
  14. Blankets for guests who want to go outside
  15. Children’s games
  16. Puzzles for tables
  17. Charades for tables
  18. Quizzes for tables
  19. Custom games(e.g. how well do you know [bride and groom]”
  20. Table decorations

Photography by Joel Allegratto


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