sending wedding invitations
sending wedding invitations

Sending Wedding Invitations

So you’ve named and addressed your invitations and they’re ready to go. But stop right there! Before your run out and pile them all into a post box, take 5 mins to go through the following checks to make sure there are no mistakes.

1. Check your guest list

Take a look at your guest list spreadsheet and cross-check your pile of invitations against it. You want to make sure that every name on the spreadsheet is included in an invitation.

2. Are they all named, addressed and stamped?

Yes, I’m being this specific……but trust me….when you need to write a lot of invitations, this can easily be missed. Check that they all have the name and address(and ideally double check that you have the correct address) and finally check that every envelope has a stamp.

3. Is there a return address on the back?

Not a necessity but this can be useful if there are any issues with sending the invitations(especially if one of your guests has moved house and not informed you of their new address).

4. Keep international mail separate

If you are sending any international mail, keep this separate and don’t stamp it with the others as you will need to pay a custom price for international postage. It’s easy to quickly stamp everything and overlook this so make sure you are checking the addresses as you are stamping.

Bam! You’re good to go. You’re invitations are checked, signed, sealed and…..will very shortly… delivered.

Walk to that post box like a boss, slam dunk those invitations and take a bow. You’ve just completed your invitations.

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