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The invitations have been posted a couple of weeks ago and now you are slowly receiving RSVP’s confirming attendance and specifying dietary requirements. This is when things start to get really exciting. It often really hits home at this stage that you are getting married. If you’ve been floating along in a dream until now, things will suddenly get very real when you see your relatives confirming their attendance in writing.

But these RSVP’s aren’t just a keepsake to stick in a box and look at again in 10 years time…well…they are…but first we need to process all the replies.

Grab yourself a box, or file, or bag…..just something to hold the invitations as you receive them.

As you receive RSVPs, pop them in the box. Give it a couple of weeks until you have received all the RSVPs you are likely to get back, then sit down and start inputting the information into your wedding guest list spreadsheet. If they are unable to attend, remove them from the spreadsheet completely as it warps your numbers. Add in any dietary requirements and any other information provided(e.g. transport requirements). Highlight the cell with the person’s name to clearly show that they have confirmed their attendance. Then you can bag up the RSVPs up and file them away as a keepsake.

You probably won’t get every invitation back. It seems that invitations are considered more of a token gesture nowadays, as many couples use email and social media to alert people of their engagement so you may need to go “multimedia” to get responses to every invitation. You can start following up in any way you see fit and highlight the spreadsheet for each guest when they confirm attendance. Once you have the entire spreadsheet highlighted, you can relax a bit as you have now got your final guest list. You can use this to finalise numbers with the venue and caterers and it will also come in handy when confirming flowers and other decoration hire.

RSVPs Done!

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Image by Emily Magers


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