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When you are planning your wedding, there is a lot of information to keep track of (as well as a bucket-load of tasks)! How you do this is up to you. Many people will just use pen and paper(which is perfectly suitable) and others will try to keep it in their head(big mistake!!). In this hack, we are going to suggest a productivity method called “Agile”. This is a system used by technology companies to help teams work fast and efficiently. We’re going to flip this on its head however and use it to plan a wedding. Here is our guide on how to do it.

1. Download Trello and create an account

You can do this on pen and paper, however an app will make this so much easier. We suggest using an app called Trello which is perfectly suited to Agile. If you don’t like Trello, there are other apps that provide the same basic features. Trello is free to use.

2. Create a “Wedding Planning” board

Hit the + button to create a new board and name it whatever you like.

3. Invite your fiancé and others

Invite your fiancé and any friends/family who are helping with your wedding planning.

4. Setup your “lists”

Lists are a feature in Trello which allows you to categorise your tasks. Setup 4 lists with the following titles:

“To Do”

5. Add all your current tasks

Think of everything you still need to complete(take a look at our checklist for inspiration) and add it to the “Waiting” list.

6. Sprint!

A sprint is a week long period where you complete a pre-selected group of tasks. Decide what day of the week your sprint starts on. Let’s say, for example, that you decide to start your sprint every Monday. You should sit down with your fiancé every Monday and select which tasks from the “Waiting” list are the most urgent and move them into your “To Do” list (make sure you give yourself a realistic number of tasks to complete). Next, assign tasks to each person (you can go into each task and add an assignee). It is now that person’s responsibility to complete that task by the end of the “sprint”. If there are any issues with a task, you can chat within the task card to help resolve it. If the task is delayed for any reason, I would suggest adding a coloured label to show this(or alternatively create another list called “on hold”).

7. Review

At the end of the sprint, sit down again to discuss what was/wasn’t achieved and plan the next sprint.

The beauty of the Agile method is that it breaks down large projects into manageable chunks which helps to reduce stress but also speeds up the rate at which you can check tasks off your to-do list.

Give it a go and let us know on Twitter #WeddingHacks

Image by Joshua Grant Rose


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