Minimalist Wedding

There are many reasons you may be drawn to the idea of a minimalist wedding. It may be the money-saving benefits of minimalism, or perhaps the relaxed feel that is created by lack of clutter. Whatever the reason for pursuing a minimalist wedding, take a look at some of the ideas below which are guaranteed to strip back your wedding with “minimal” effort!

Let’s start with the obvious:

Get Rid of the Unnecessary

Minimalism is all about less “stuff” so getting rid of the unnecessary elements of your wedding is key to achieving that minimalist look. Think primarily about decorations…..what do you really need? Try to focus on just 1 or 2 key elements and make them the focal point of your decorations. If you are getting married in a pretty venue, try to keep it stripped back and let the venue shine through.

Minimalist Wedding Decorations

If you are using white table linen, try not to put too much on the table as you want the linen to be the main feature. Sharing-platters for example will cover too much table space and will lead you towards a share-y feel rather than a minimal feel.

Minimalist Wedding Flowers

Likewise, the flowers should also be kept simple. Don’t use too many colours in bouquets but instead stick to just 1 or 2 colours. Good options for minimalist arrangements are white roses, plants or even vegetables. If you are opting for wildflowers, try neat arrangements rather than the messy look.

Handmade Décor

There is a good opportunity to make some of your own décor by using what is lying around. I use the word “make” very loosely. Simple examples are using old jars as vases and filling them with long plant stems. Likewise, use the jars as candle holders for tea lights… but effective.

Naked Wedding Cakes

Strip down that cake! Naked wedding cakes are a refreshing alternative to the traditional iced affair. If you, or somebody you know, are comfortable with baking, you may be able to make a naked-cake yourself to save some money. The beauty of naked-cakes is that they still look good even if they are lop-sided.

Simplified Menu

Keep the menu super-simple. Stay away from anything too elaborate and stick with simple dishes with only a few ingredients. Chicken is always a good choice. If you want to be a bit more quirky but still keep things minimal, try a buffet table or a Pizza bar!

 Paperless Invites

This is a great way to save some money. If you don’t hold too much affection for the paper invite, go paperless and send your invites via email, Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a minimalist wedding is easy because sometimes it can be even harder to achieve than a non-minimalist wedding. In most cases, however, a minimalist wedding is a good way to save some money while creating stunning elegance at the same time. It’s not for everybody but some people just love the idea of a clutter free-wedding.

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Image by Olivia Strohm Photography


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