how much does a wedding cost
how much does a wedding cost

How much should I spend on each category?

How much does a wedding cost? Depending on your budget and the lavishness of your taste, your wedding could cost anywhere from around $50 to ……..well…..there is no limit really.

According to Brides Magazine, The average wedding cost in the United Kingdom is now topping £30,000 which is quite a significant number!

Download our wedding planning spreadsheet which has a handy budget planner to add your upcoming costs as you acquire them.

There are 2 ways to plan your finances

  1. Budget determines wedding(You have a fixed amount that you are able to spend)
  2. Wedding determines budget(You are willing to spend whatever it takes to have your dream wedding)

If you have a fixed budget, simply add your budget to our Budgeter spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet calculates the amount you have available to spend on each vendor category based on the average amount spent for each category. Sticking to these amounts will keep your wedding on budget.

If on the other hand, you have no budget and are willing to spend any amount to make your dream wedding happen………go wild!

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