final wedding dress fitting
final wedding dress fitting

The final wedding dress fitting has arrived. It’s your last chance to make sure you are happy with the finished result and advise of any changes you would like made. Whatever you do, make sure you do the following 4 things:

1. Take your wedding shoes

This is a must! You need to see how the dress looks with your shoes but also make sure that the length of the dress is correct when worn with heels. Try walking with the dress and shoes on together to give yourself an idea of how difficult it will be on the day.

2. Take undergarments and accessories

Likewise, take any accessories(veil, hair clips, tiaras) and undergarments that will be worn with the dress to your final dress fitting. This is to see how they look together and make sure it’s not dreadfully uncomfortable.

3. Take your bridesmaids or the “people who will be helping you to get ready on the day”

This has 3 purposes:

  • to get a 2nd opinion and make sure everything looks as it should
  • to find out how to put the dress on(it can be harder than it looks)
  • to learn how to bustle the dress

4. Learn how to care for your dress

This is mainly to find out how to keep your dress crease-free. Normally, the best option is to use a steamer rather than an iron as the heated plate of an iron would melt most dresses. These can be hired or purchased for around £50.

It’s also good to find out how to take care of stains should you happen to get any(e.g. from makeup). Every dress is different but the shop should be able to advise on this.

Since this is your last dress fitting, try to enjoy it as much as you can. The next time you go back to the store you will be collecting your wedding dress!

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