Wedding Music List

The time has come to finalise your list of music with the band or DJ. If you haven’t created a playlist yet, read our guide on choosing your wedding music.

Once you have your final evening music list, pass this over to your band or DJ. If you have hired a band, they may not be able to play everything on your list but might be willing to learn a few songs. It’s best to ask bands for their song list before hiring them to ensure they will be able to play the songs you want. If you have hired a DJ however, they should be able to play anything you ask them to. You can read more about choosing a wedding band or DJ in our guide.

Once you have provided the band/DJ with your playlist, check with them if there is enough material to cover their set length. If there isn’t, they may be willing to add other suggestions to fill the gaps to save you some time. If you choose to go with this option, make sure they show you the final playlist before the big day or, alternatively, you can provide them with a “do not play” list which would include a list of songs that you DON’T want played. This is for the adventurers among us who want a musical surprise on the wedding day. This can be a fun option if you want to experience your wedding as your guests are experiencing it.

If you want to go SUPER ADVENTUROUS, try this. Provide your band/DJ with a small playlist of 4-5 songs and ask them to play other songs of a similar style. This is the “shuffle” of the wedding music world.  You don’t know what’s coming next.

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