Collecting Your Wedding Dress

Yes, it has finally arrived! Probably the most exciting dress purchase you will make in your entire life! After months/years of research and multiple dress fittings to find the perfect gown, the day has come for you to hold the finished article. Try to arrange your dress pickup around 2 weeks before your actual wedding. Any earlier than this and your dress may not fit when your wedding day arrives….any later and you won’t have enough time to make any changes if you need to.

Try the dress on one last time to see how it fits. Even if you have not been trying to lose weight, there’s a good chance that you have. The stresses of wedding planning affect us all and can impact your appetite in a big way in the lead up to your wedding. When it comes to the pickup, you may find that the dress is suddenly a little loose and needs a slight re-adjustment. This is why you pick the dress up in advance to make sure any small alterations can be made with time to spare. Otherwise, you can take the dress home and try to put on weight before the wedding. A nice problem to have, I know, but it’s a risky strategy! If you eat too much you may overshoot the mark then not be able to fit into the dress but if your appetite remains small, you may just lose more and it could be even worse. Seek the advice of the person in the store to whether they think it should be resized or not(they have helped hundreds of brides so you can rely on their judgement).

And that’s it. Resist the temptation to wear the dress every day in the lead up to your wedding. Avoid damage at all costs!

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Image by Merve & Nils


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