collecting groomswear
collecting groomswear

Collecting Groomswear

If you haven’t arranged your groomswear yet, read this first.

This is one of the last tasks on your wedding planning checklist(ignoring all the annoying problems that pop-up in the final week). You’ve probably got a to-do list about 100 items high so it may be tempting to assign this job to one of your groomsmen or bridesmaids. This is a perfectly reasonable option but it’s better if you can find the time to go yourself. Take this opportunity to try your outfit on and make sure everything fits. If somebody else picks it up and then you find it doesn’t fit, you will need to make the journey back to the shop again anyway. Take somebody else with you to validate that it looks good and to check that everything fits OK at the back.

Here are the key things you want to check:

  • It fits!
  • It’s comfortable
  • Make sure the shoes match(take them with you)
  • Have you got all the accessories you need?

At this point, it’s worth arranging who will return the outfit to the shop the day after your wedding. If you are honeymooning straight away, this is a necessity. One of your friends or family will be more than happy to help out to give you time to relax and enjoy your new marriage. You deserve some time off! Think about the logistics of how you will get your outfit to this person the day after the wedding.

Once you get the outfit home, keep it somewhere safe. Iron your shirts etc. a couple of days before the wedding(just in case you burn it!).

Try wearing the shoes around the house for 1-2 weeks before the wedding to soften the leather and make them more comfortable for your wedding day

Image by Claudia Rose Carter


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