Choosing Wedding Food in 5 Simple Steps

Choosing Wedding Food

By this stage, you have probably already booked your caterer.

When the time comes to finalise the menu, it may seem like a daunting task…..but it doesn’t need to be. Follow these 5 simple steps to become a culinary-champion-chooser.

Ideally, you want to be able to answer “yes” to the following questions:

1. Does the food match the theme?

If you have a wedding theme, it makes sense to choose a food that matches your theme. A hog roast for example would be the perfect companion to a winter or barn wedding, a rustic finger feast for an Italian destination wedding and a solitary plate of ice cream for a beach wedding. When your food matches the theme, your whole day will have a much greater synergy.

2. Do (the majority of) people like it?

This is the reason why chicken has become the wedding staple. It’s relatively neutral in terms of flavour and most people like it. More distinctive tastes such as veil, venison, lamb, lobster and oysters are more divisive in their fan base and thus you will end up with a large portion of guests forcing down mouthfuls of food. As exciting as many of these dishes are, it’s safer to go for chicken, white fish or something else fairly plain. Save the fancy stuff for the honeymoon.

3. Do you like it?

Also important

4. Is it filling?

Is it going to keep your guests full for the rest of the night? The last thing you want is your guests nipping out to McDonalds. A light salad may be delicious and may go beautifully with a summer garden wedding, but it is guaranteed to leave your guests feeling a bit empty. You don’t need to choose the heartiest of meals….just something with a bit of substance.

5. Is it a low-risk allergy food?

Stay away from foods that are well-known allergies. Mainly peanuts, egg, shellfish and soy. It’s not worth the risk with these foods. One of your guests having an allergic reaction would pretty much ruin the entire day. You’ll just need to leave the bean curd satay for another day. Sorry.

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