Bridal Party Gifts

Since your bridal party have been so helpful with your wedding preparations, it’s only fair that they get some kind of reward for their efforts! Well, that’s the idea behind giving them gifts. This is optional of course. Nobody is forcing you to dish out gifts! If your wedding party have been genuinely helpful however, this is a nice touch as it lets them know that their help is appreciated. What you buy and how lavish you are is completely up to you. If you intend to go big with your gifting, you may want to budget this into your budgeter spreadsheet as this could end up being a significant cost!(this is often overlooked). Here are the people you would traditionally buy gifts for:

  • Best man
  • Maid of Honour
  • Other groomsmen(optional)
  • Other bridesmaids(optional)

It’s also traditional to buy a bouquet of flowers for the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom(1 each!) which will set you back an extra £100. Remember to budget that in.

You may also wish to purchase a gift for the fathers if you feel compelled to. This is not a traditional option so you would be breaking the mould!

A gift for the wedding officiant is also something you may wish to consider. This would just be a small token gesture to thank them for their part in your wedding day.

Finally, a gift for your fiancé prior to the wedding(or on the wedding night) will never go amiss as it adds a final flourish of romance to what is already an uber-romantic day!

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