creating a wedding website
creating a wedding website

Why bother creating a wedding website?

A wedding website is more than just a pretty web page where you show off your engagement pics! It acts as a centralised hub for key wedding information that your guests can peruse at their own leisure. This greatly reduces the amount of time you will need to spend emailing and calling your guests with any wedding-day updates and can reduce the costs of printing various invites(save-the-dates etc.) as all the information is available online. If there are any sudden changes of plans, a quick update to the website and an email to your mailing list saves hours of phone calls.

The content you put on your wedding website is completely up to you. Here is some of the most useful information you can include:

  • Venue information(including map, directions and parking information)
  • An email contact form(to allow your guests to contact you directly)
  • A link to your gift list
  • Information on travel arrangements
  • Information on local accommodation
  • Weather forecast for the day of the wedding(to aid in outfit planning)

As you can see, there is a lot you can do with a wedding website which makes it an incredibly useful tool in helping you plan your wedding with ease. Most of the time, a wedding website can be built completely free of charge.

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