wedding themes
wedding themes

Why look at Wedding Themes?

Looking at wedding themes may seem overwhelming and(depending on your opinion) may also seem pointless. Here are 3 quick reasons why looking at wedding themes may be more worthwhile than you first thought:

1. Gives you clarity in your wedding planning  Рstress reduction

Wedding planning is a stressful business. The simple step of picking a wedding theme can reduce this anxiety by giving you a clear vision of what you want the day to be like. This helps you in selecting table decorations, flowers, dress, photographer, transport etc. Filter wedding suppliers by style to refine the list, greatly reducing the number of suppliers you need to contact.

2. Your wedding will look better

With no theme, you may end up bouncing all over the place, choosing a selection of decor that you like which are all different styles. Avoid the mish-mash and pick a wedding theme early to avoid this problem……unless you are going for the “mish-mash” style.

3. A wedding theme helps create the atmosphere to make your day memorable

A wedding theme is more than just the style of the decorations you go for, it is the entire atmosphere you are trying to create. Think about the mood you want your guests to experience. Do you want a relaxed or formal feel? Whatever you decide on is what you and your guests will remember forever so choose a theme that matches your personality.

You may not have thought much about themes. Maybe you weren’t planning on having one, but choosing one at the beginning of your planning can really help.You can go for a very subtle theme if you don’t want something over the top. Just choose one and let it guide your planning.

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